“The older I get, the more important every meal becomes.” –Steve Martin

No, Mr. Martin isn’t a resident at The Cypress, but we take his wit and wisdom to heart. Which is why we approach every meal of every day as an opportunity to surprise and impress our residents.

Many of our chefs trained at Johnson & Wales, Charlotte’s renowned culinary institute. Under these watchful eyes, our kitchen serves lunch and dinner from a wide menu of offerings and daily specials that range from heart-healthy to hearty options. A complimentary continental breakfast is also available.

Great food is one of life’s great pleasures. And we take great pleasure in serving great food!  For those times you’d prefer your meal to go, we offer home delivery at no additional charge.

View (and salivate over) a typical menu. (This link opens in a PDF, download a PDF viewer if necessary)


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“You’ll never feel lonely or alone”

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