Top Things for Seniors to do Around Charlotte this Month

With sporting events, fresh foods, top museums, and a high quality of life, Charlotte has a lot to offer older adults. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite activities for seniors to enjoy around the Queen City.  Things to Do … Continue reading this post

How to Build Your Social Life in Senior Communities

Social health and mental fitness are as important for aging well as physical health, but many senior citizens find it challenging to keep up a busy social life as they get older. Becoming a part of an active retirement community can provide you … Continue reading this post

9 Reasons to Move to a Senior Living Community While You’re Healthy

When you reach your retirement years, you find yourself ready to sit back and enjoy that big, beautiful home you worked so hard to purchase. Yet without the kids, it may start feeling like too much space, and too much … Continue reading this post

When is it Time to Move to a Senior Community?

Moving isn’t something that most people look forward to. While it can be exciting to relocate due to a career change or the addition of a new family member, when it’s time to leave their current home, many seniors would … Continue reading this post

9 Things to Consider When Selecting a Retirement Community

Choosing the right retirement community is a decision that families shouldn’t take lightly. As more seniors across the U.S. are interested in living independently, they are met with a variety of more retirement community options to choose from. However, when … Continue reading this post

What is Life Like in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Are you just beginning your search for the perfect retirement area? Or maybe you’ve been looking for some time now but haven’t found a city or community that ticks all the boxes? Either way, finding a great location to spend … Continue reading this post

Tax Deductions for Senior Residents of North Carolina

While retirement is something to look forward to for most North Carolina residents, not everyone properly prepares for their financial future as they grow older. Of course, not having to punch a time clock every day sounds wonderful. However, when … Continue reading this post

Best Day Trips Within One Hour of Charlotte

When you’re looking for a something new and exciting to do around Charlotte, sometimes you must venture outside the I-485 highway loop to find your next adventure. While there are many things to see and do within Charlotte’s borders, you … Continue reading this post

Try These Hobbies to Reduce Stress

Whether it’s due to health, money or any other number of reasons, many Americans live with stress and finding the time to relax doesn’t always come easily. While most would assume that students and those with challenging careers must deal with … Continue reading this post

How Does Watching Sports Impact Your Health?

What is more exhilarating, or sometimes crushing, than watching a favorite sports team? Sports fandom is a roller coaster of emotions, both good and bad, and many do not know how it affects their health. Here’s what you need to … Continue reading this post

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