8 Reasons to Move to a Retirement Community

For today’s active seniors, the idea of “retiring” is often a foreign concept. Far from slowing down, many seniors feel that they’re just getting started. Fortunately, modern retirement communities support highly active, social, healthy and vibrant lifestyles. Here are the top reasons seniors tell us they decide to make the move to a North Carolina senior living community like The Cypress.

An Engaged, Healthy Way of Life

Senior living communities offer a range of programming to meet every preference. Whether you prefer attending classes or lectures, enjoying musical or dramatic performances, keeping fit, socializing, going on day trips, getting out into nature or simply enjoying a good book in a comfortable chair, you’ll find plenty of active options to stimulate your mind and body.

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No Maintenance Required

Many senior living communities require very little maintenance or are completely maintenance-free. So instead of worrying about yard work or the state of your roof, you’re free to engage in activities you love or spend time with friends and family.

A Full Spectrum of Care

Continuing-care retirement communities (CCRCs) like The Cypress offer a full spectrum of care for every stage of living. Even when you’re active and healthy, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that care is available should you ever need it. A CCRC will provide you with quality health care for every phase of life.

Delectable Dining

If you can sometimes do without cooking, we have no doubt you’ll love the dining options available in a highly rated senior living community. From casual bistros to formal dining rooms, multiple dining venues typically are available. With trained chefs providing amazing creations every day of the week, your taste buds will be sufficiently pampered.


Streamlined Budgeting

In a senior living community, your bills will be simplified and consolidated into a monthly fee that covers most of your living expenses. Many residents save money as they downsize to smaller homes or move to less-costly areas of the country. At The Cypress, residents also receive the advantages of building home equity.


In a senior living community, you can be alone when you want, but you need never feel lonely. There are always activities going on, and you can always find a friendly neighbor who’d love to join you for a chat or as a dinner companion.

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Safety and Security

Residents tell us they enjoy the feeling of security in a senior living community. With transportation provided to shopping, doctor’s appointments, church and more, there’s no need to drive if you don’t want to. And with security personnel on-site, you can feel safe in your home.

Living Near Loved Ones

Many seniors who move to a CCRC in Charlotte, NC, do so to be near their children and grandchildren. By living closer, you can see your loved ones more often and enjoy participating in important events like weddings, graduations and birthdays.

Why Move to a Retirement Community?

If “retiring” is the furthest thing from your mind, you’ll love the fun and healthy lifestyle you can enjoy in today’s active continuing care retirement communities. To learn more about living well at The Cypress of Charlotte, please contact us.


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